Ex-FBI Director James Comey declined an invitation to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday. But according to a New York Times report, Comey is willing to testify but “wants it to be in public.”

  • The deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, is expected to brief the full Senate on the circumstances behind the Comey firing.
  • President Trump has warned Comey against leaking information against him, saying that the former FBI head “better hope” there are no ‘tapes’ of their conversations.
  • A source close to Comey: “He hopes there are tapes. That would be perfect.”

“That I can’t talk about. I won’t talk about it,” Trump said when asked about the tapes.  “All I want is for Comey to be honest.”

Recalling Comey’s 2007 testimony:

Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary on May 15th, 2007 – almost a decade ago. The testimony details a White House bent on defying the Justice Department.

“The scene former Deputy Attorney General James Comey described to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday was the stuff of Hollywood movies: a frantic race between White House and Justice Department officials to the hospital room of John Ashcroft; a dramatic showdown at the gravely ill man’s bedside, in which the White House tried to get him to overrule Comey’s decision not to reauthorize the National Security Agency’s (NSA) domestic surveillance program.

But while the basic contours of this encounter have been public for some time, the full story, as Comey told it as part of the committee’s investigation into the federal prosecutor firings, gives the picture a more sinister sheen,” wrote Benjamin Wittes

In the full transcript of the testimony, Comey says it was “a very memorable period in my life; probably the most difficult time in my entire professional life.”