The ongoing probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials has reached the White House: the WaPo reports that a “senior advisor” has been cited as a “significant person of interest.”

  • Individuals familiar with the probe say it is expected to intensify in the coming weeks.
  • Law enforcement remains interested in former Trump associates – like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort.
  • Officials emphasized that today’s report does not immediately suggest criminal charges are coming.

The list of current “senior advisors” isn’t exactly long:

The report does not identify the individual. But it does list a title: “Senior Advisor”. There are currently two senior advisors to President Trump.

  1. Jared Kushner
  2. Stephen Miller

Yashar Ali, a writer for New York Magazine, is reporting that the official in question is Jared Kushner:

Kushner has acknowledged previous contact with Russian officials, and was reportedly a considerable influence in the run up to Comey’s firing.

Kushner will also be joining President Trump on his first international trip:

Today, the New York Times reported that Kushner helped secure an arms deal in advance of Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

From March: “Senate Committee to question Kushner on communications with Russians”