The Trump administration, working alongside AG Jeff Sessions and deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, has settled on a list of 8 potential candidates for the FBI Director position.

Each candidate has been interviewed, and no further interviews are expected.

“I think the process is going to move quickly. Almost all of them are very well-known; they’ve been vetted over their lifetime, essentially. But very well-known, highly respected, really talented people and that’s what we want for the FBI,” said Trump.

Below, a rundown of the candidates:

1. John Cornyn:

2. Mike Rogers:

3. Alice Fisher:

4. Andrew McCabe

  • McCabe, a 20+ year FBI veteran, has assumed the role of acting FBI Director even since Comey was dismissed.
  • OpenVote News chronicled McCabe’s career.
  • He has demonstrated a willingness to challenge White House characterizations of the bureau following Comey’s exit.
  • Of Note: no deputy has ever ascended to the top post at the FBI.

5. U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson

6. Fran Townsend

7. Adam Lee

  • Lee is currently a FBI special agent in charge of the Richmond office.
  • Comey picked Lee to lead the office in 2014. The Richmond office – one of 56 division offices – was Comey’s first visit following his appointment as FBI Director.
  • Prior to his work in Richmond, Lee ran the FBI’s Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section and oversaw the FBI’s global Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

8. Michael Garcia